Bart Heupers

Software Development and Consultancy


Independent and allround software developer with more then 30 years of experience. Software for interpreting raw data or text, modeling complex systems, network or telemetry interfaces, huge databases. Web and desktop, Android or embedded apps.

I have a pragmatic attitude, and I would like to keep things small and simple if they do not have to be big and difficult. I also like to use standard or open source solutions where that is possible.

My experience helps me to understand existing ‘legacy’ software, and I can usually fix problems or add new functionality in consistent and logical way without having to rewrite entire systems.

I am systematic and persistent in finding bugs and often I have investigated systems or software to find out how they should work or should be used. In addition, I have an eye for and knowledge about security.

Originally I am a C(++) programmer. After that I worked a lot with Perl, Java and Python. I have always been interested in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and data analysis . I also have a lot of experience with the design and efficient use of databases.

+31 610172969